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Planetary Mixer 80 Lt

PMX 80


Patented bowl lifting system.

Designed for whisk, mixing and kneading in the prodction of pastry and bakery products.

Has high performance.

Bowl lifting system is practically connected with the protective cover, there is no any lifting handle.

3 different mixing tools.

Trolley for handling the bowl.

Do not requires any extra bowl stabiliser.

According to the apparatus, the speed is controlled and the time is adjusted.

Digital control panel.

Elegant and aesthetic structure. 

Bowl lightening.

Practical bowl fixing and easy tool change.

Easy to use and to clean.

Powerful, silent working without vibration.

Planetary System.

24V control panel.

Produced in CE standards.

One year warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.


Bowl comes down by lifting the protection cover and coming up by pulling it down.

Wheeled bowl can be moved easily. 

Special design apparatus ensures maximum efficiency. 

Place the products into the bowl, select the proper mixing tool.

Control the bowl by placing it properly, pull down the protection cover to lift the bowl.

Lifted bowl fixing and scraper setting is done by a single action.

Mixing tools do not scratch the bowl, by that way it protects wires and bowl.

Scraper is constant with distance adjustment, all apparatus  have the same lenght and scrape efficiently.