Planetary Mixer 80 Lt Automatic

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Planetary Mixer 80 Lt Automatic

PMX 80 Oto.


Designed for whisk, mixing and kneading in the prodction of pastry and bakery products.

Has high performance.

The bowl moves automatically up and down.

The machine is supplied with 3 mixing tools.

The machine is supplied with a trolley to carry the bowl.

The bowl doesn't require any extra locking device.

According to the apparatus, the speed is controlled and the time is adjusted.

A digital control panel.

Elegand and aesthetic structure.

Lightening inside the bowl.

Practical bowl fixing apparatus and its easy exchange.

Easy to use and to clean.

Powerful, stable and works without vibration.

Works silently.

24V control panel.

Produced according to CE standards.

One year warranty against defects of manufacturing and assembly.


The bowl movements are commanded using buttons on the digital panel.

As the bowl has wheels, without applying a lot of force, by while removing the mixing tool the bowl is confortably driven out of the machine.

The machine can be set at a high speed and with its specially designed mixing tools ensures a maximum productivity.

The product to be mixed is put in the bowl.

After driving the bowl under the machine, appropriate mixing apparatus is connected.

As mixing tools do not scratch the bowl, the bowl can't be  perforated.

The whisk wires can't be broken.

The mixer tools graze at a fixed distance. This distance is set in mm.

All mixers graze at an equal and mechanically exact distance.