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EFE 06 - Eco Manual

EFE 06


Standard bread slicing model.

Improves bakery's decor by appropriate color choice.

Slices the bread fastly and symmetrically.

Slices every bread up to 1.5 kg.

Slice thickness can be produced from 8 mm to wider widths.

Standard production is 16 mm.

The bread surface area is made from Cr-Ni 304q stainless steel and is sanitary.

It can be carried easily by it`s wheels with brake.

There is a bag holder on the machine.

It can be specially manufactured for products such as soap, fruit, other foods.

Produced in CE standards.

Matas special blades ensures long term durability.

One year warranty against manufacturing and installation defects.


The arm is pulled towards ourselves.

Bread is left in the opened place.

The arm is releasing slowly, machine operates and stops.

Sliced bread is packed by the help of bagger.


The plastic drawer is removed and the cracks are emptied.

The machine does not require maintenance except daily cleaning.